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The introduction of high output UV lamp systems opens new possibilities for mitigating surface and air bioburden, offering a significant step forward in preventing hospital-acquired infections, a concern costing healthcare $30-40 billion annually.

Our products cover comprehensive surface disinfection requirements in healthcare environments, including hospitals, operating rooms, and patient bathrooms. They serve as a potent tool in reducing pathogens and achieving quick and efficient workplace disinfection.

Utilizing our UV Purification solutions, hospitals can expect several key benefits: reduced incidence of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), lowered cross-contamination risks, minimized liability exposure, shortened hospital stays, improved indoor air quality benefiting both hospital staff and patients, reduced energy costs, and a solution that’s safe, environmentally friendly, affordable, and easy to maintain.”

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Better air quality is achievable with our range of UV air purifiers. No matter if it’s for a full building, office space, or a single room, these purifiers stand up to the task, reducing both biological and chemical airborne contaminants.

For places struggling with stubborn odors, we offer a solution. Our line of air purifiers, designed specifically for such issues, works wonders in reducing strong odors and enhancing indoor air quality. These devices are sized according to the room they’re intended for, ensuring efficient performance.

We also understand the importance of maintaining industrial HVAC systems. Our specialized coil cleaners aim to prevent and lessen the growth of mold and other microbes on the evaporator coil. In doing so, they prevent the coil from being a source of poor air quality or bad odors, while also reducing maintenance costs by keeping the system running at peak efficiency.


Our solutions are custom-built to address the specific challenges faced by indoor Cannabis cultivators. From improving indoor air quality to ensuring healthy crops and reducing mold, our UV air purifiers are designed to keep airborne biological and chemical contaminants at bay that could otherwise harm your plants.

Harnessing the purifying power of UV rays, our solutions provide a continuous defense against crop contamination. A patented UV chamber, seamlessly integrated into your cultivation facility’s HVAC system, can deactivate up to 99.9% of airborne mold, bacteria, and powdery mildew each hour, all without producing ozone.

Opt for our chemical-free solution that virtually eliminates the need for fungicides. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that leaves zero residues. This best-in-class technology uses high-intensity UV lamps, placed parallel to airflow on anodized aluminum parabolic reflectors, offering full 360° purification of passing airborne contaminants.

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