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Liquid Bag Filters
liquid bag filters

Liquid Bag Filters

B&B Filters offers a wide range of liquid filter bags. Our selection encompasses both cost-efficient and technology-packed filter bags, including nominal and absolute efficiency options. Whether you need liquid cartridge filters, custom filters, or specialty solutions, we offer versatility and affordability.

Bag Housings

bag filter housings

Filter Bag Housings

We offer a comprehensive lineup of filter bag housings that cover a wide spectrum of filtration applications. Our housing options include both single and multi-bag models, ensuring versatility to meet your specific needs. Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness or require a high-end absolute filtration system, we have the ideal housings waiting for you.

String Wound Filter Cartridges
string wound filters

String Wound Filter Cartridges

We offer string wound filter cartridges designed to efficiently eliminate substantial sediment, like rust or dirt, from liquids. These USA-made cartridges utilize layers of cotton or polypropylene string spun around a central core, creating a depth filter with exceptional sediment-holding capacity. This includes standard industrial and FDA-Approved products.

Melt-Blown/Sno-Spun Filters

melt blown/sno-spun filters

Melt Blown/Sno-Spun

Our melt-blown filtration cartridges offer exceptional quality and affordability. With their high dirt holding capacity and graded pore construction, these cartridges provide efficient depth filtration, ensuring optimal performance. They are crafted from FDA-compliant polypropylene, ensuring wide chemical compatibility for use across a broad spectrum of industries, from food and beverage to oil and gas, while their non-shedding media and easy disposal by incineration make them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Pleated Cartridges
pleated cartridge filters

Pleated Cartridge Filters

When it comes to filtration efficiency, pleated cartridge filters stand out. Their pleated media design provides significantly more surface area than conventional string wound and depth filter cartridges. What sets our pleated cartridge filters apart is their adaptability – they come in a myriad of media options, removal efficiencies, and end cap configurations, making them the ideal choice for virtually any application or process, while extending the lifespan between replacement.

spin-on filters

Spin-On Filters

Our spin-on filter elements are crucial for maintaining hydraulic fluid quality in pressurized fluid management systems. Installed on the low-pressure return line side of hydraulic systems, they prevent contaminant buildup, control operational costs, and extend system component life. Their integrated pleated filter element design simplifies maintenance, allowing for easy replacement when clogged with particles.

wire mesh filters

Wire-Mesh Filters

Poor quality hydraulic filters will allow for the slow destruction of your machines. By working with the best US manufacturers of hydraulic filtration products, we ensure that your pumps and machines are protected from unexpected contaminants.

Molecular Filtration Media

We are dedicated to offering top-notch molecular filtration media solutions for industrial water treatment. Our focus is on effectively removing contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and oil/grease. We provide a diverse selection of filtration media options and take a personalized approach by crafting blends that precisely address your unique pollutant challenges, guided by comprehensive water analyses.

Need a custom-size filter? We’ve got you covered.

We work with incredible fluid filter manufacturers across that US to make both OEM Replacement and other custom filters. Allow our experts help you find a solution to your problems.