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Automated Reoccurring Orders

Navigating the complexities of filter replacement can be a challenging task, particularly when juggling various responsibilities. If you find it arduous to remember when to order filters, or if certain jobs or filters consistently present difficulties, we have a solution to ease your burden.

We offer a proactive service, sending out confirmation orders when it’s time for a filter change. Our system is equipped to manage a diverse range of customer needs – from those requiring monthly, quarterly, to yearly filter changes.

Our primary goal is to simplify your responsibilities as a service coordinator or facility manager. By helping you manage your filter replacement schedules, we can alleviate some of the daily pressures you face, leaving you free to focus on other crucial aspects of your job.

Drop Shipping

At B&B Filters, we stand out as the premier provider of drop shipping commercial and industrial air filtration products. We focus on delivering specific filters that meet your unique requirements directly to your facility. Our service extends beyond mere provision; we engage directly with manufacturers on your behalf. This ensures that you benefit from an optimal balance of quality, price, and delivery time, saving you valuable resources and effort.

We make re-ordering filters an effortless process, thanks to our systems. We maintain an accurate and comprehensive record of your filter needs.  Additionally, we will go the extra mile by providing you with detailed pricing on the filters currently used in your air handlers. This includes alternate manufacturer quotes, which consider various factors such as cost, quality, your location, and specific requirements. This approach enables you to make informed decisions that align with your operational needs and budget. We promise, you’ll love your options.

Custom Media Pad Cutting

As your reliable filtration partner, B&B Filters is constantly innovating to better serve your needs. We’re delighted to announce that starting September 2023, we’re expanding our product offering to include in-house filtration media cutting – standard and custom sizes and media.

This addition to our services means we can offer tailored solutions for your specific needs and set up recurring orders for a steady, reliable supply. Our locally-manufactured filters guarantee quality and precise sizing for your convenience.

Reach out to us today to discuss preordering your custom cut media.

Streamlined Digital Integration: Adapting to Your Supply Chain Software

In a world increasingly powered by digital solutions, we at B&B Filters recognize the value of effective supply chain management. Our tech-savvy team is quick to adapt to and integrate with your unique supply chain software, including platforms like Taulia, Oracle, Coupa, and more. Our aim is to streamline the purchasing process and enhance maintenance operations for large industrial customers, minimizing delays and promoting operational efficiency.

Through responsive vendor portals, we ensure that managing purchase orders and invoices is a hassle-free experience for you. At B&B Filters, we combine advanced technologies with high-quality products to help you maintain your clean air standards effortlessly. Please reach out to us to learn more about how we can simplify your filter management processes.

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